WOD 110901 Thursday

Ten rounds for time of:

Row 250 meters
Bench-press 95/65 pounds, 25 reps

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My wife sent me this post from a blog that she is reading, I thought it was so good I would share it with you.

Sometimes you need to take it to the bar!

August 31, 2011
by Laura N Watler

For many the title will read several ways, but I am only concentrating on the one meaning I have for it.

There have been many days recently where I am in a conflict within myself. Fighting to do the right thing, fighting to keep people happy, fighting to keep the peace, fighting to keep everything around me stable. Inside of me though, is this ongoing battle of thoughts and emotions. Sometimes surfacing through the barriers that I have built up. I don’t want them to come up and I don’t want to seem weak. I don’t want to burden people with all of these thoughts so I sit and write it out….when that isn’t enough I get up and take it to the bar!

The bar I am referring to is the crossfit bar. It is the one thing in my life that will never lie to me, it will never make fun of me and it will always support me. When my thoughts and emotions get too much I know I can count on it to break me down and build me back up. Last night was one of those nights. I could not make the WOD in the morning and all day I felt off centred knowing that I could not make the evening class because of an appointment I had to keep. After I got out of what I had to do I went home and sat on the couch and almost instantly my thoughts and emotions surrounded me in attack mode. Normally my couch is a safehaven…it is comfortable and inviting and relaxing, but tonight it was to be a battle ground. I flew up off the couch and made a dash for my room. Threw on my crossfit gear and ran out the door. I know I’d be a half hour late to the class but I needed in the box, I needed to be in my ‘safe’ place. Crossfit7Mile is a safe place for me. When I am in there I am surrounded by good people and good vibes, I feel better when I go and there are so many awesome people in there. I arrive almost bursting in tears, as the coaches greet me they can see I am a mess, although I am trying my best to hide it. I finally am able to spit out that I just need to move and do something other than be on my couch. I think they understand where I am coming from. They say ‘of course you can, get warmed and join us for the WOD’, I forgot that some of the coaches do the WOD after the 6:30pm class is over. I am glad I grab what I need to warm up and begin. My mind is still racing ‘go back home and just relax, you are not going to perform to the best today’…I can hear a voice say. I refuse to give in…’I can do what I can to get at that bar’ I almost shout back. My warmup finishes, I am ready to go even though I can see my fellow crossfitters in piles of sweat on the floor in agony. ‘I need to feel that’ I can hear myself say to a coach, she responds ‘oh you will! just give it your all!’.

I ready my bar, I am not trying to RX on anything so I keep my weights light and do a few reps to make sure the movements are there.
The WOD:
For Time:
Thrusters (95/65 lbs)
Burpees (strict)
Kettlebell Swings (53/35 lbs)

The clock starts, 3…2…1…GO! Move that bar, first few thrusters I can feel my wrists start to scream in agony. ‘You aren’t holding the bar correctly woman’ a voice says….’trust your grip’ I can hear another say. I drop it….****. ‘PICK IT UP!’ I can hear my coach scream at me….I pick it up and get through…burpees…eewww… ‘oh good form’ my encouragement voice says. As I have said before I have two voices in my head, we all have at least two just admit it and get over it. One that picks us up (a.k.a Freeda for me) and one who kicks us down (a.k.a Bertha for me) not sure why I have named them that…I am just going with it. So the first 2 rounds are deathly but my form is ok….could be better but ok. I can hear Freeda cheering me on, but I am losing form and my stomach I can feel is not happy….Bertha is shouting ‘QUIT and go puke!’…Freeda is on the other side ‘Go for it…push through grip that bar, squeeze and rack it up!’. Again its a workout where there is a battle in my head, but every time I return to that bar for the thrusters I squeeze it tight and try to hold on to see where it will take me. I get it up, I go down and thrust up. Each time it is more intense, each time I can feel like I want to quit but I can’t. I get off the thrusters and onto the burpees which are more like burpee crawls at this point as my legs feel like mush. Coach Dona is there supporting me my whole way, encouraging and making sure I don’t let it break me down completely. I get to round 5….’screw it…lets take this home..’ I can hear Freeda say. My coach screaming in my ear at the same time ‘up, get it up, come on 4 more reps, 3 more reps’ each time I hear either of them a rush comes over me and I try to use that burst to power me. My bar strengthens me, I can feel it in every vein and in every muscle. I am now down to my last 3 rounds. I am getting there, I can still hear Bertha pushing me to puke, but I ignore her. I am going to finish….’you got this…pickup that bar…don’t drop it…’ coach Dona yells at me. I don’t put the bar down and I cycle through each of the last rounds. Coach Dona cheering me through each rep. I did it! *falls on floor in a pile of sweat* I feel like crap, but I did it. Dona gives me a nod of approval, I love my coaches!

“Victory is mine”…..I can hear my little Stewie voice say to me. I smile and almost cry with the force I can feel rushing through my body. I did it…I got my butt here and next to the bar. Here is where I feel the greatest and safest…on the floor with my lungs nowhere to be found…this is my ‘happy place’. Knowing that I took my troubles and weaknesses to the bar, it took them and made me strong as I pushed at each rep. Some were on point, some weren’t…but that is a part of getting stronger and moving towards your goal each rep is not going to be perfect…but that is why we return so we can maybe one day get each perfect.

A few months ago I would have taken my troubles to a bar, had a few and a few more shots, but what good is that? What enjoyment do you get from it? I took mine to THE bar and learned every lesson it had to teach me last night. I listened, I tried, I failed a few times…but I picked it back up. I wanted to quit…but I didn’t….I could have stayed on that couch…but I didn’t. That old faithful bar is always there for me and always waiting for my return. I did the best that I could, I put everything I could into the WOD. Next time I will be better cause I trust in that bar.


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